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After a day's worth of research, snipping, pasting, editing and trial/error, I present to you
two items with which to make your game 20% cooler:

(click for enlarged preview)

Chances are, if you've played Portal or Portal 2, you fell in love with it immediately, as well
as your Companion Cube. I'm not ashamed to say that  I felt bad about euthanizing my Companion Cube.
:C   Oh well. Anyways, the specs are as follows: 

Polycount: ~4500
Category: Decorative > Sculptures
Cost: 10 simoleons each
Base-game compatible, cloned from the Display Cube;
they get along well with themselves and each other. o 3o
A special thanks to Valve for the Companion Cube and Storage Cube models/textures.

There is a slot on the surface, but I adjusted the height so that multiple cubes could
be stacked without clipping (since the bottom isn't flush like a plain cube). So any other objects may float slightly.
The rings around the center weren't so weird looking until I aligned the normals... >.>

Feel free to do with these whatever you want, just keep them off paysites. Package with lots, with other crap,
whatever your heart desires. All I did was convert and edit.
 More than anything else these were a wonderful learning experience and I learned
a lot about meshing, cloning objects, textures, how to properly save textures...really, I had a fun time making these. :D

I also plan on making smaller versions, to be placed on tables as decorations. Maybe. Perhaps someday. 

Download Companion Cube
Download Storage Cube

Extract to Mods > Packages

have a wonderful day. <3


Date: 5/3/12 16:42 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alistair_r
these are amaazing. they're adorable. :)


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