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This was requested over at GoS hella long time ago and has been sitting in my projects folder ever since. 
I must have taken it on before that cursed patch ruined my game considering the fact that I don't have Ambitions anymore,
so a tattoo is pretty much useless to me (other than accessories but eh, who does that?)

However, a request is a request (and a promise a promise) so I gave it to her anyways.
I couldn't test it (obviously) but everything looked okay in Tattooinator so I'm going to assume that all is well.
If there are any problems please comment telling me what's going wrong and I'll do my best to fix it;
but like I said, I can't even test it so it's more like ticking a box or two, and trial/error.

The tattoo itself looks like this. It's an inverted pentagram (although, with only three points?)
and has one recolourable channel since it's solid black.

Edit: red channel has been fixed so it's not all blue anymore. Please redownload. Also, I've added a second
hand-drawn six-pointed star. Don't know if you'll want it or not but I'll upload it anyways.
You never know, right? But I don't have a preview image. It's small. That's
all I can tell you.

Download Pentagram Tattoo
Download Six-Pointed Star Tattoo



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