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Welcome, and fasten your seatbelt. c:

Look to this area for important updates; of course, whether or not I actually update this post
whenever something needs to be said
is up for debate... OTL

Policy/TOU/FAQ )

Coming Soon: Emily the Strange Deco Set
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After a day's worth of research, snipping, pasting, editing and trial/error, I present to you
two items with which to make your game 20% cooler:

(click for enlarged preview)

I even invited your best friend, the Companion Cube! )

Download Companion Cube
Download Storage Cube

Extract to Mods > Packages

have a wonderful day. <3

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This was requested over at GoS hella long time ago and has been sitting in my projects folder ever since. 
I must have taken it on before that cursed patch ruined my game considering the fact that I don't have Ambitions anymore,
so a tattoo is pretty much useless to me (other than accessories but eh, who does that?)

However, a request is a request (and a promise a promise) so I gave it to her anyways.
I couldn't test it (obviously) but everything looked okay in Tattooinator so I'm going to assume that all is well.
If there are any problems please comment telling me what's going wrong and I'll do my best to fix it;
but like I said, I can't even test it so it's more like ticking a box or two, and trial/error.

The tattoo itself looks like this. It's an inverted pentagram (although, with only three points?)
and has one recolourable channel since it's solid black.

Edit: red channel has been fixed so it's not all blue anymore. Please redownload. Also, I've added a second
hand-drawn six-pointed star. Don't know if you'll want it or not but I'll upload it anyways.
You never know, right? But I don't have a preview image. It's small. That's
all I can tell you.

Download Pentagram Tattoo
Download Six-Pointed Star Tattoo


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At the moment I'm working on a sci-fi/cyberpunk novel (have been for two years now) and made a Sim of my main protagonist since, well, when I don't want to write, I still like to do something (productive?) relevant. That and I'm so madly in love with Deveraux that it's hard not to. :B


WIP Reference Picture

-Packaged with shirt and jeans by aikea-guinea/gelydh at Club Crimsyn
-EA boots
-Ear plugs by necrodog from MTS
-"Naughty and Nice Muscular Male Skin" by LadyFrontbum at MTS
-Chin stubble from the Store
-"Oh My Eyes" contacts from MTS
-Pictured with Store shirts and Club Crimsyn jeans
-Freckles over the nose from....somewhere... xD

Possible Traits, Faves, etc.:
Of course, once he's in your game you're free to do what you want with him, but in case you want to remain in suit...
-Genius, handy, heavy sleeper, good sense of humor, good, friendly, party animal, workaholic, loves computers
-Waffles, Grilled Cheese, Ratatouille
Reward traits: Master of Seduction, Office Hero, Hustler...

I have the Late Night EP.
He's pictured with Store shirts but he's packaged with aikea's clothes.
He's pictured with Raon male hair 12 and hair 03 but packaged with Raon male hair 03, available at teh booty.
I use Jonha's sliders and the Master Controller. If you don't have extra sliders or a sliderhack don't try to adjust his facial features or you'll bork his face. If you're new to CC I suggest you look into getting the Master Controller. I'm too lazy to look it up right now but go ahead and Google it. xD

To Install:
1. Download
2. Extract the .sim file with winRAR to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\SavedSims.
3. He's under the Adult category.

Please don't claim him as your own; not only is that petty theft of intellectual property, I take it as a personal offense because well...as a character he's really my hard work.

Most importantly, have fun with him!

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A day or so ago, chartreuse-eyes requested these over on GoS, and since it was easy enough for my tiny CC-brain to handle I decided to do it. The paintings appear as shown and are cloned from the basic "goth" painting so it's base-game compatible. They are tested (as you can see) and work just like any other painting. Do what you wish with them so long as you credit my original creation (that means, no re-uploading as your own).



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